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Meet Web Brand Art: Masters of Digital Innovation & Success

I am Nadia Haddaoui, the visionary founder of Web Brand Art in Antwerp. With more than 12 years of experience in the marketing sector, I have combined my passion and knowledge to create a dynamic company that encourages both personal and professional growth. As a Belgian-Moroccan woman, I broke the barriers of conventional expectations, with a firm belief in the potential of ambitious entrepreneurs to lift each other up and achieve success.

Web Brand Art is more than just a marketing agency; it's my place where visions come to life and transform business dreams into measurable results. From carefully designing your web and brand identity to masterfully conveying this identity in print media, I create an online presence that is as unique as your company. My journey started as an extended hobby that turned into a secondary occupation, and eventually it became my main profession in marketing.

My mission goes beyond just building brands; I want to empower young entrepreneurs and create a platform where ambitious entrepreneurs find and support each other.

“The community often teaches us to limit ourselves, but I believe that anyone, regardless of background, can dream big and make those dreams come true. My message is clear: go for it, don't be limited by standards and become the best version of yourself.”

At Web Brand Art, every strategic move I make is a step towards shared success, driven by insight into data but differentiated by my unparalleled creativity. Here, where digital experiences are as diverse and dynamic as the brands we represent, I'm laying the foundation for your business triumphs.

Web Brand Art
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Web & Branding
Web Design - E-commerce
Website leasing
Social media
Marketing consulting
Content creation/ copywriting/ translations


Media Print
Graphic design
Textile printing
Print media
Photography and videography


Lead Generation
SEA - Search Engine advertising
Social media ad
SEO - Search Engine Advertising
Email marketing
Data analysis
Marketing strategy

Webdesign - E-commerce

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Website leasing

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SEA - Search engine advertising

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Social Media

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Social media ads

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Content creatie

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Web Brand Art in
a nutshell
Where Creativity Meets Customer Success

At the heart of Web Brand Art knocks on an unyielding commitment creativity and customer satisfaction. Our culture is a mosaic of openness, flexibility and innovation, focused on exceeding today's expectations and seizing the opportunities tomorrow. For us, each client is a partner, every campaign a joint one voyage of discovery. Web Brand Art is not just about achieving results, but about creating a experience that inspires and a lasting impact has. These companies and enthusiastic startups have also placed their trust in WBA.